What to do next career wise? Bipolar and capable, just bipolar or even better just capable?


Clearly, but not when you declare your condition…

This week has been a weird one thus far. Non productive yet productive if you get what I mean?

I’ll explain, since finishing at my last job within TV as a Production Coordinator I have spent the majority of my time thinking and analysing what i want to do next, whether I want to go with the flow and find another contract or do something else completely.

This is where the difficulty comes in, if I find another contract within TV, what do i do about disclosing my bipolar at interview stage or even when i’ve got the job afterwards – what implications would it cause?

Maybe I think about it too much but I really want to be vocal about my condition when at work but without prejudice so people have more of an understanding on the condition. However the stigma attached to having a mental health condition is really strong, so even if i was to talk about it it could make things worse who knows?

Also if I was going to go into another industry, i’d still feel the need to be vocal about my condition either way so i guess its a win win, or more evidently a lose lose.

At the end of the day I want to be known for being capable as person with a mental health condition not just the generic term bipolar. As this brings a lot of prejudice and stigma.

On my blog you will see a clip of me speaking on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show, on the show i touch upon disclosure something that is oh so important.

From my previous experiences of interviews and getting jobs I have disclosed twice on interview not got one, but got the other which to be totally frank was a shock and a surprise as I felt that after I said i had the condition i had to over talk about my capabilities to prove I was capable. This shouldn’t be the case in any situation.

Just because I have a mental health condition doesn’t make me as less capable or less worthy of a job as another candidate my CV speaks volumes and I honestly do believe that when hiring you should focus on the skill set and talents that person can bring to the role rather than whether they have a mental health condition.

I don’t know, like i said sometimes I over think things but from my perspective this is what i strongly believe in.

Hence why I am dithering about what to do next.




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